Clay Print


At Radiant Heart we take the time and have developed the skills required to create an exceptional clay print.

Typically pet parents request a paw (claw, foot, etc.) print, but we are also able to take impressions of other body parts.  For example, bearded dragon parents frequently request tail and/or head profile impressions.

***For nose prints we highly recommend our Nose Leather Casting option vs. a clay print impression.***

Your pet’s clay print should last a lifetime. That’s why we use a Sculpey Original White Polymer Clay (see * note below) which allows for a highly-detailed and highly-tactile print that once baked is almost impossible to break.

Once we have a nicely shaped and detailed impression, leaving room for your pet’s name to be laser engraved, holes are made for a ribbon. The print is baked for approximately 30 minutes, cooled, and then sanded by both machine and hand.

After baking and sanding we then scrub/wash the clay print with soap and water and use a dental pick to remove any stubborn debris in the print. Any imperfections outside of the print are corrected and the print is re-backed and re-sanded.

Once the clay print is approved by a senior staff member, it is taken to a local engraver for laser engraving.

*Other polymer clays have been developed specifically for the pet after-care industry, with additives that make the clay softer and easier/quicker to use.  However, these modified polymer clays also lose a great deal of their ability to capture detail. That is why Radiant Heart bears the added expense, makes the extra effort and takes the extra time of using Sculpey Original to produce a truly exceptional clay print. 

By default we use a Parade Blue or Silver Gray 1/8″ ribbon. If you would like a different color ribbon, please describe the color in the NOTES section below. RBG or HTML numbers would be helpful. We’ll see what we can find. You could also select one of the default colors and replace the ribbon yourself.

Application of 4 coats of clear water-based urethane. UV protection, mold and mildew resistant, seals out water.