Nose Leather Casting


Radiant Heart After-Care for Pets is pleased to offer a detailed casting of your pet’s nose leather. The nose leather is also known as the rhinarium — the naked skin on the nose of most mammals.

This is a unique and very sweet way to remember your pet.

Made in-house by Radiant Heart, we use a special kind of silicone to create the mold, then cast the mold using a special polymer modified gypsum (off-white stone). The result is a durable, water-proof and sculpture-like nose leather with fine detail.

Final casting is presented in a gift box with crinkle paper.

Molds may be reused to make copies.

Please allow 1-2 weeks.

This service is available only to cremation clients of Radiant Heart and must be ordered prior to cremation.

Additional Castings (+$59.00)

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