Referring Veterinary Services

 Veterinary services who recommend Radiant Heart After-Care for Pets

exclusively for pet cremation service:

Veterinary services who offer Radiant Heart as an option to their clients

(Pet parents will still need to specifically ask for Radiant Heart.):

If your pet is scheduled for euthanasia at any other veterinary clinic you can still use our services, and we would be happy to provide transportation.  Here is the process:

1) Contact us and let us know when your pet will be euthanised.

2) Tell the vet staff that you want your pet to be cared for by Radiant Heart and not their default provider.

3) Ask them to notify us when your pet is ready for pick up. You may also bring your pet directly to us.

Please note: You always have the option of bringing your deceased pet directly to our facility, regardless of your preferred veterinary service provider.

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