Same-Day Service

Same-Day Service is offered for pet parents who drive long distances, as well as pet parents who simply want their pet’s remains returned to them the same day the pet comes into our care.

Offering Same-Day Service fits in with Radiant Heart’s desire to provide personal service to each and every client. However, Same-Day Service can create a hardship for staff members as it restricts their flexibility and delays already planned cremations. For this reason, in October 2016 we began charging a fee for this service.

Same-day service is available on a limited basis and requires the following:

  • Private flame cremation.
  • 24-hour advanced notice.
  • Same-Day Service fee. (Additional Products & Services)
  • Pet must be delivered to our facility by noon, otherwise, additional fees may apply.

Same-Day Service and Witnessed Cremation are two distinct services. If you would also like to witness your pet’s cremation, please see Witnessed Cremations.

If you are driving a long distance to have your pet cared for by Radiant Heart, please see our Blog with ideas for what to do in Bellingham while you wait.