Reviews of Radiant Heart After-Care for Pets

(known as Life Cycle Pet Cremation prior to 2018) may be found on a variety of websites including, but not limited to: FacebookGoogle and Yelp.

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(March 2024) “In Japan, bone picking is actually a traditional ritual of intricacy for cremation ceremonies; I’m so, eternally grateful I got to accidentally experience it here with my soul cat, as a foreigner in the States.
In fact, I think it was the most important part of her cremation in the end, that I got to pick up her beautiful bones myself. I remember feeling an immediate sense of peace for the first time since she passed that day, as soon as I picked up her warm bones in my hands from the infant pan.

“Everyday I wake up & am so grateful to be surrounded at home by all the keepsakes we made during our visit. It was definitely the right decision to visit you all the way to and from LA. Sending you all Endless Thank you’s.”

Luoan L., Los Angeles, CA


(May 2024) “I was out of town when my Jackie boy got really sick and it was time for him to cross over the rainbow bridge. Jack was 13 years old and I had already made arrangements for his aftercare a few months prior. When the day came for him to cross over, he was with my elderly mother that does not drive. Jack was 110 lbs in his prime and about 70-75 when he needed to go to the emergency vet. I was frantically calling everyone I know to help het him to the vet and to help my mom get him the care he needed. It was a holiday weekend and no in-home vets were available so we had no choice but to use the emergency vet across town. My mother could not get our very sick boy into the car nor drive him so she called radiant Hearts for recommendations. They came to get my boy AND my mother. They took them both to the emergency vet with Jackie in a blanket and pillow. They even called the vet in advance telling them to come out to the van so my boy would not be stressed in his final moments. My mon got to hold him while he crossed over. They then drove my mom home and took my boy for his pre-arranged aftercare. I am humbled at the love and compassion of this company. I will sing its praises to all I can and will continue to use services as necessary. A huge thank you with all of my heart to you.”

Tonani M., Bellingham, WA


(February 2024) “I have been employed by Radiant Heart for several years. I love what we do to make pet grief and loss as easy as possible for hurting owners. Although this is the 2nd pet we’ve had at Radiant Heart, losing my cocker spaniel Reggie was different. He was my sidekick thru breast cancer in 2011 (many naps together when I was dealing with chemo) and as I have watched him age over the years, it truly broke my heart – these guys just don’t live long enough.

“Thank you. To Dr. Claire (MadronaVet.com) for your gentle kindness and compassion in helping Reggie transition across the rainbow bridge. To Kathy for sneaking him some nose kisses. To Bobbie Ruth for creating lovely ink prints and Vale for the perfect clay paw prints. To Kelsie for placing him gently into the crematorium (although not there at the time, I have seen you provide respect for each animal you work with).  To my precious friend, Mary Jo for your willingness to bring Reggie back home to me. The after-care package is beautiful, something we will treasure. I will be forever grateful for Radiant Heart.”

Kim W., Bellingham, WA


“Soon after we moved to Bellingham, our beloved youngish cat Reggie unexpectedly fell ill and passed away. We feel so lucky to have such amazing folks help Reggie through his journey. At the end, we selected Radiant Heart for their services. We’ve had many kitties and have experienced many pet cremation services, but Radiant Heart uniquely stood out from them all. The people there are warm and friendly and the facility has a beautiful, artful and calm atmosphere. The website was informative and offered one of the best explanations of aquamation we’ve seen. We were so impressed at the container artwork and appreciate their support of quality artists. Bobbie Ruth and her staff made a difficult time not only less painful, but provided care and warmth to us. Thank you for offering such wonderful and needed services to our community!”

Karen L. & Laura R., Bellingham, WA


“It’s hard to put into words how wonderful the people are at Radiant Heart. After Olivia’s passing, they came to our home and picked her up in the most gentle and caring way. One of the most difficult things for us was not having Olivia with us anymore, but thanks to Radiant Heart she was back home in a week. Her urn box is gorgeous, the paw print and nose print are so beautifully done and the heart-shaped box with her fur is something we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Thank you Mary Jo and Bobbie for your kindness, compassion and your dedication to us and to our sweet Olivia!”

Jay N., Bellingham, WA

Mr. Max

“Mr Max died a few weeks ago. He came to our home when he was ten years old and blind. From day one, Max taught me to take things as they come. He found his way up stairs, out dog doors, and down many trails. He was kind, silly and perfect. He died at 16 years with quiet dignity. Radiant Heart helped us to make Max’s final arrangements as dignified and caring as he was. Thank you all.”

Ellen B., Bellingham, WA


“It’s been 15 years since we bought her home and now 1 week since our Penny died, we miss her dearly, a piece of the puzzle missing here at home now. She will never be forgotten for all the joy she gave to our family. We brought her home. Thanks Radiant Heart for taking care of our Penny! “

Peggy & Walter S., Bellingham, WA


“When we lost Toulouse (2002-2022), we lost a dear member of our family. She was a remarkably healthy twenty year old who remained feisty, elegant, and loving until her last day. Despite her age, we were caught by surprise when the time came unexpectedly to say goodbye, and I cannot thank the Radiant Heart team enough for stepping in to handle her with grace and care as we worked through a difficult transition. Mary Jo was warm and caring on the phone, and Bobby Ruth was a comforting, kind presence during our brief interaction when picking up our beautiful heart box of fur clippings. The fur clippings were clearly done with love and care, and are a memento that we treasure. We also received a complimentary packet with much-needed information about the grieving process which has been a great help. Thank you, Radiant Heart team, for providing such a valuable service, bringing us the comfort we needed and the honor we wanted for our precious Toulouse.”

Camille & Nick B., Bellingham, WA


“On July 30th we lost our sweet girl Lucy to old age and natural causes. She was an awesome Prairie Dog as they all are and gave us many years of love and fun taking care of her. She will be deeply missed by Sharon and I as well as our other Prairie Dogs Mojo and Molly. We have used Radiant Heart’s services twice before and it was a positive amazing experience so it was obvious there was only one place to go. Thanks again to Bobby Ruth and all the staff for their professional and compassionate service, highly recommended!”

Scott & Sharon S., Mill Creek, WA


“From the moment we called to set an appointment to bring our Cat Mika to Radiant Heart, through the process of dropping off our precious Pet to be cremated to the moment we came to pick her remains up we knew we were in the right place at the right time.

“A bad day was made infinitely better and we were greeted with kindness & understanding. It made our loss a bit easier to accept knowing she was being taken care of with dignity and respect.

“We had to drive a bit out of our way, but the experience made the trip acceptable & inconsequential.”

Stan & Jesús H., Kirkland, WA


“Radiant Heart and the team behind it is truly wonderful. They went above and beyond for my precious kitty. they helped me out with everything and they made me a beautiful necklace! The quality is perfect. This is a beautiful business, I’m glad that they are here for when our beloveds cross over the rainbow bridge. Thank you Raidiant Heart! 💖🐾”

Ashley T., Bellingham, WA


“Our dear pal Jaeger-

“You’ve been gone almost three months now, and we miss you terribly. You’ve left a hole in our hearts that no other dog will ever fill. We are so thankful for the incredible thirteen years together.

“We know it was your time to go, and we hope you are having fun playing with your friends Aska and Ziva again.

“Our deepest thank you to Bobbie Ruth for being available and providing us the opportunity to be with Jaeger and care for him until the end. She was very supportive of our needs. As with Aska, participating in the final process immensely helped to provide a sense of closure for us.”

Rory & Stephanie S., Lopez Island, WA


“Hi Bobbie Ruth,

“We all made it back to Edmonds, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for today – for helping us give our SWEETEST boy Velcro the dignified goodbye he so, so deserved. And, on short notice.

“And, you took such great care to get Velcro’s ‘nose print’ just right. And, the same for his perfect paw print.

“Thank you for that attention to detail.

“I mean it when I say what you did and do for our little family is priceless.

Thank you again.”

Ron & Connie T., Edmonds, WA


“Thank you both [Kim and Bobbie Ruth] for your excellent service. You both went above and beyond to help me. The package I got for Mouse was absolutely beautiful. The fur in the heart box was breath taking.” 

Janis C., Sedro-Woolley, WA


“I wanted to thank you for the lovely quote on Kali’s pawprint card…Everyone I’ve read it to has burst into tears. The whole package is so well done. Classy and honoring without any sappiness. I had thought fur clippings were weird, but now I wish I had them from my other 3. Now I have a little Kali shrine in my loft bedroom until the Canadian border reopens and I can take her on the bicycle journey to join her predecessors in bird sanctuary on Vancouver Island.” 

Kristin N., Bellingham, WA


“Aska was our 14 year old German Shepherd. When we knew Aska’s time was short, I contacted Bobbie Ruth at Radiant Heart. She was very informative regarding the water based cremation. We wanted to be part of the process, and could not simply leave Aska at the veterinary office to let somebody else handle her remains. We wanted to see it through. Bobbie Ruth was very supportive during the preparation, and our participation added to our sense of closure and taking care of Aska until the very end.”

Rory S., Lopez Island, WA