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“I just got my dog’s remains back and picking them up in the little bag with her first and last name on it, and opening the bag to see the beautiful box was so touching. And then seeing she was wrapped in velvet to boot. Everything you did, from the presentation to the cremation certificate helped me heal. I just want you to know how much your care of my dog means to me. Every gesture, even small ones like putting her name on the bag, matter so much.

“Thank you for the care and compassion in a sometimes uncaring world! You are wonderful people and what you do matters so much.”

Sally K., Anacortes, WA


“Thank you so much for taking care of Pixie! The box is beautiful!”

Terry K., Birch Bay, WA


“We lost our oldest Prairie Dog; Samson on Valentines Day, 2019. He was 10 + years old and lived a wonderful healthy life. He had known, loved and shared life with many of our other P Dogs and I’m sure he felt love from all of us right up to his last breath as he died in my hands. Last year we had a loss and were told about Radiant Heart After Care services and brought our Prairie Dog Lola for private cremation. It was a wonderful experience considering the sad circumstances. Naturally when we lost Samson we knew we were coming back to Radiant Heart for their compassionate professionalism and overall experience in handling and talking to the customers whom have lost so much. Simple kind words and a warm friendly atmosphere go a long way in the time of a death of a family pet. Thanks again guys for your much needed services.”

Scott & Sharon S., Bothell, WA


“I just wanted to say thanks so much for the care you gave Candy.  The way her white fur was placed in the center of her black fur in the little heart box, exactly how it was on her body, was really touching and meant a lot to me.  I appreciate your service.” 

Carla W., Ferndale, WA


“On August 28, 2017, I said goodbye to my faithful companion and love of my life, “Coconut” aka “Nuts”. I cannot express enough how comforting it was knowing that Coconut’s aftercare was in the hands of Bobbie Ruth Langley and Life Cycle Pet Cremation. I had peace in knowing “Nuts” would be handled with dignity and respect even though his spirit was gone. The entire experience was both compassionate and professional. This community is extremely lucky to have Bobbie Ruth! Thank you for making a difficult process a little bit easier.”

Christine M., DVM, Bellingham, WA


“We were devastated at the thought of losing our sweet Oliver. We needed the handling and aftercare to be absolutely perfect. I contacted Bobbie Ruth at the suggestion of a colleague. I’m sure I was annoying and very particular with the number of questions I had and the amount of times I called. It was just really important to me that Oliver was handled with care and respect when it was his time. Bobbie Ruth was kind, caring, and very understanding. It took me some time to pick-up Oliver, but today I finally did it because I was ready for him to come home. The AfterCare Package was perfect. The clay paw prints were beautifully done and the ink paw print was lovely. Thank you to Bobbie Ruth and her team for handling Oliver with such care.”

Darrell C. & Nic Y., Mukilteo, WA


“I was so glad to have found out about Radiant Heart and their services. We enjoyed the drive from our home in the Bothell / Woodinville area and were pleasantly surprised how easy the business was to find. Bobbie Ruth Langley greeted us and welcomed us into her warm and beautiful business and made us feel so very welcome and calm. Our baby girl Lola was handled with the upmost care and professionalism and we were glad we got to view and spend one last private moment with her before we left. The urn we picked out was spectacular and all engravings were flawless and accurate, It truly is a fitting and stunning way to honor our Lola forever. Thanks again Bobbie.”

Scott & Sharon S., Bothell, WA


“Thank you again for taking such good care of Ned, and of us. Losing him is like losing my best friend. But actually seeing him again and going through the cremation was so healing. You made him look gorgeous. I have such a better memory of him now, rather than when we left him at the vets. I truly appreciate the service you provide, but more than that, your humility, compassion, patience, and willingness to listen.”

Michael & Faye B., Ferndale, WA

Kaydee Dog

Having gotten my Kaydee girl at only 4 weeks of age, I had the opportunity for 14 years of sharing in her love and devotion. I was beside myself when she choked on her supper and passed in my arms. Not wanting to dig a hole I took her to her primary vet and was given the choice of a private cremation on Friday morning. I was told 10 to 14 days. I found that odd and tried asking questions with no real answers given. As I was driving away I spied a large chest freezer out back. All weekend I suffered mentally and emotionally, knowing she was in there. I started researching on the web and was determined Monday morning to call Radiant. I was told that yes indeed that my best friend could be taken care of. I left work, called the vet to let them know I was coming for her. I had to lift her out of the freezer, loaded her up and headed north. What was important for me was they afforded me the opportunity to even help place her inside and close the door. As I write this, I can hear her being taken care of knowing full well that it is just her. Not pleasant, but I made a commitment to Kaydee to be there till the end and I am honoring that pledge. I harbor no ill feelings towards my vets way of conducting business, that’s how its done. There is a much better way to honor your loved one, I am so glad I did my quick research, thanks so very much for treating my baby properly.

Gus F., Snohomish, WA


“Radiant Heart provides the most compassionate and loving care to all animals and their people.  Marcus was immediately cared for in the most loving way by the staff at Radiant Heart, Elizabeth & Andrea.  Thank you Bobbie Ruth, Elizabeth & Andrea. The sympathy, kindness, and above all, respectfulness to Marcus was truly remarkable.  We are extremely thankful for the services provided by Radiant Heart’s wonderful people.  Radiant Heart is truly a gift to the community.”

Brock B. & Stan B., Bellingham, WA


“I just wanted to say just how grateful we are to you. You have helped us prepare for this heartbreaking loss with kindness and compassion, and as difficult as it is to breathe just thinking about her, and as surreal this is right now, I smile knowing how deeply loved she was and that that love will stay with her and us forever. Thank you for your love and help in helping her to her next adventure…”

Jean and Gary B., Bellingham, WA


“Bob brought home our cremation box with ashes of our beloved kitty Ozzie yesterday. I was instantly moved and pleased, first that we found you and the care you provided and secondly to have this box of his ashes, I didn’t think it would be so important but it is. This is my heartfelt thank you for your service and care.”

Selma P. and Bob C., Bellingham, WA

Shadow Dancer

“I miss my baby boy so much, but it does give me some comfort having his ashes home.

“Thank you again for taking such good care of my Shadow Dancer, my Velcro Boy.”

Dee D., Blaine, WA


“I wanted to thank for your kindness and the respectful manner of taking care of my kitty.”

John M., Skagit County, WA


“We are so blessed to have Life Cycle Pet and Bobbie Ruth in our community! When a difficult time comes along, like it did recently for our family, when it is time to let a beloved furry family member go, it is so wonderful to know we have a great service like Life Cycle Pet to rely on. Our lovely Moose was treated with love and respect when he passed on. We cannot thank Bobbie Ruth enough. Being part of a local dog rescue, we have gotten to know Bobbie Ruth as a fabulous, caring person who helps take care of even the ‘homeless’ animals. What a wonderful community service.”

Vicki and Jim N., Bellingham, WA


“We wanted to thank you, so very much, for taking such good care of Bucky and us. We knew Bucky had a heart condition, but it was still a shock to us when he died; because he wasn’t that old. We expected to have many more years with him. You dealt with us and him so well. We found you and your office to be professional and comforting. I’m not sure what we were expecting, but our expectations were more than met. You’ve created a comfort zone for those in grief. I’m so glad we found you and we will highly recommend your services to those in need.”

Robin & Brad B., Bellingham, WA


I loved this dog. Grogan. Cairn terrier I fostered then adopted because no one was interested in him. He was 6 years old when he came to me, aggressive and cranky and scared and not-well. Tough guy – big bark, big teeth, big dog in his own way. But the biggest of all was his personality – what a guy. Behind the exterior, I knew there was a great dog in side. Now, at age 15, he has led a wonderful life, and he’s given one to me as well. Bobbie Ruth, thank you for the care you showed him at the end of his life. The services you provide are a crucial part of how we let go of those we love – with grace and tenderness and the sense of a very deep loss.”

Deb W., Bellingham, WA


I can’t tell you how pleased I am with everything. I had just lost my sweet cat at 19.5 yrs of age. You were kind, and clearly seemed to understand my grief. You treated Becca’s body with respect.

My son picked up her after care package the other day. It really is lovely. The box with her fur made me cry, but that’s OK. We greatly appreciate having these mementos of our Becca.

I will not hesitate to refer people to your service in the future. You do important work, which I appreciate.


Leah L., Stanwood, WA


“Bobbie-Ruth provided compassionate and excellent services. She took the time to spend with us making a difficult time more bearable. I am grateful we have a business like hers that is local and I feel I can trust complicitly.”

Virginia D., Ferndale, WA


“We would like to take this time to express how grateful we are to you. We didn’t know what to expect on Monday, but it went above and beyond our expectations. Your sincere condolences and kindness were very much felt in our hearts. The way Chico was laid out on the beautiful table was very dignified and respectful. The soft music in the background and the prayer wheel was so soothing and serene. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this difficult transition easier to deal with!”

Tony, Kehli and Chuy W., Bellingham, WA

Duct Tape

“When I lost Duct Tape I called Bobbie Ruth and she was right there for me. As soon as she saw me she could tell where I was emotionally, and she worked with me accordingly. Her approach wasn’t one size fits all, and I felt valued because she treated my situation as unique. It was tough losing my friend so suddenly, but having such a perceptive and compassionate person helping me was a true comfort.”

Sarah B., Bellingham, WA


“Kind, thoughtful people who do remarkable work. Losing a pet is very difficult. The folks at Life Cycle understand that. They offer more than cremation services, it’s a funeral home for your pets . They offer a variety of ways to memorialize your pet and do so in a dignified and respectful manner. If you’re looking for a dignified and thoughtful way to say goodbye to your furry friend, look into Life Cycle Pet Cremation. You’ll be glad you did.”

Sean I., Bellingham, WA


“I want you to know that Life Cycle Pet Cremation helped make the passing of our beloved “sister” a beautiful event. Cedar Grove Veterinary made us comfortable and helped us tremendously through the end, but your loving consideration plus the deluxe after-care package were a wonderful gift! It all still resides on a shelf above Missy’s bed, an “altar” to her memory! I’ve been sure to let every visitor know how important Life Cycle’s contribution was to this, which turned out to be a surprisingly beautiful time in our lives.”

Kelly P., Bellingham, WA


“I am deeply grateful for your support and love through the complete process of the cremation of my sweet Ziaa. You hold a place in my heart. Thank you!”

Nellie S., Bellingham, WA


“Life Cycle is the Best. They are very caring and so helpful. The memories that they offer are timeless. I tell all my pet families about your service. Thank you.”

Veronica N., Ferndale, WA


“I just wanted to thank you for the service you provide. Bobbie Ruth was so kind from the first phone call. The office is comfortable and spiritual feeling. It has been difficult since Seeka had to go but now she is resting on our night stand in her beautiful wooden box. 6 1/2 years was not nearly long enough but with having her cremated it feels a little better.”

Maghan & Rich P., Bellingham, WA


“This is long overdue but I wanted to be sure you know how much your services meant in the process of Bailey’s passing. You helped make that as peaceful and holistic an experience as possible. I still mourn her but know due to you and our vet it was the best it could have been. Again, great thanks and appreciation.”

Anna H. and Weston R., Bellingham, WA


“Thank you for your sympathy and kindness. We really appreciate the support you provided.”

Michael & Melissa B., Sedro-Woolley, WA


“[October 2016] I just lost my sweet baby girl of almost 10 years. I found her at a pound when she was 3 months old; she would of been 10 on November 29th of this year. She was my whole world and I had to make the most hardest and heartbreaking decision of putting her to sleep.

“Abby was a dog that was so full of life. What she loved most in the world was swimming, her balls, children and her mom. Three months ago, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare bone marrow cancer called multiple myeloma. She first developed vestibular peripheral disease back at the end of May of this year, yet bounced back! Sadly, due to the cancer, she developed detached retinas resulting in hemorrhaging behind her eyes, resulting in complete blindness. This didn’t stop her from wanting to play fetch and and go swimming. Wasn’t long until she developed hyperviscosity syndrome…I got married August 27th of this year. I asked her to please, with everything she had, to hold on because I had to have her with me on my big day. She answered my prayer and was strong enough to walk down the aisle and be by my side. Sadly, about a week and a half ago, she just became incredibly weak. She was completely incontinent and eventually couldn’t walk at all. Then Saturday, October 1, 2016 I made the decision to let her go. I laid with her the night before and she laid her head on mine. I believe she was telling me it was time to let her go. So that day, she seemed unresponsive to everything and everyone. My husband and I loaded her in the car with me laying by her side. We drove her to one of her favorite beaches and I’ll never forget that when he opened the back door, for the first time that day, she lifted her head to the ocean and sniffed the air, then slowly lowered her head once again.

“When I [went to Life Cycle] to pick up Abby, I started to cry. [Bobbie Ruth] led me to a side room while I waited to pick up my princess. There were 2 dogs present [Beatrice & Ty Langley] when I got there and they sat with me waiting, giving me much needed comfort. When she came back with Abby, she listened to my story and let me cry. I know I only spoke with her for a short while, but her compassion meant the world to me. She didn’t rush me out, but just let me talk.

“Thank you so so much for providing such a comforting environment during this extremely hard time. Thank you and thank you to the companions that sat with me and let me pet them. All I can say is, your company and staff did a wonderful job in comforting a hurting mom. Thank you,thank you, thank you.”

Katie A., Bellingham, WA


“Hi Bobbie Ruth. We wanted to thank you for your care and compassion this morning while we were saying goodbye to our beloved Ginger. We know it’s your job and you probably hear this all the time but you really are a wonderful person to deal with in such a tragic situation. We appreciate your patience, kindness and gentleness so much.”

Tracy R. and Family, Maple Falls, WA


“Thank you so much for providing such wonderful care and after-life services for my beloved CRASH!”

Laura C., Deming, WA


“We want to thank you for coming to our house to pick up our cat, Daphne. Having to say goodbye to her was a difficult thing to do. You eased our sadness by being there to take her to the final step, the cremation. We certainly will share our experience with Life Cycle with our many pet-owner friends.”

Barbara & Norm S., Bellingham, WA


To: Bobbie Ruth Langley, Life Cycle Pet Cremation

Bobbie Ruth – Since our dog, Charlie, was euthanized on May 25th, 2016, I’ve been intending to let you know how important you were to me and my husband on that day. It’s been a while, but I think you’ll remember us as I describe that day.

Our dog, Charlie, was a magnificent Great Pyrenees. He was huge, 154 lbs., but he was the most gentle soul you ever would meet. He was a gentle giant. [/two_thirds_last]

Everybody loved Charlie. He was old, 13 years old, and we’d been told for a number of years that his breed generally only lived to be around 10 years old, as generally the larger the breed the shorter their life span. We had known for several years Charlie had been declining. We had been giving him numerous medications on a daily basis for a few years, including pain pills and pills for inflammation and arthritis. It was becoming harder and harder for Charlie to even get on his feet anymore. The last few weeks he was no longer able to go on walks, to get up the short ramp into our vehicle for the rides he loved to go on, and at the last to even walk the few steps to the yard to relieve himself.

Our vet, Dr. Squibb at North Cascade Veterinary Hospital in Sedro-Woolley, is a wonderful vet and person. He’d monitored and healed Charlie for years, as had Dr. Howland for years before. Dr. Squibb had told us there was nothing more to be done for Charlie, and we’d know when it was time.

We knew it was time, and yet we were unable to let go for a little while, and then, one day, I knew it had to be then. I contacted Dr. Squibb, and we agreed he would come to our house the next early evening to put Charlie to sleep. I then contacted you, Bobbie Ruth, and you agreed to come to our house at the appointed time to take Charlie’s body, after he was euthanized, to be cremated.

I had been given your name a few weeks earlier by North Cascade Veterinary Hospital, after an appointment for Charlie when we knew it was near the time. I had called you and asked for some information from you. You invited me to visit your office and have a tour of your premises. So I did go to your business during the next week, and met you and completed the one-page paperwork which you kept and filed for when we would need you. You asked me if I wanted a tour of your facility and I said yes. You spent a great deal of time showing everything to me, answering all of my questions and explaining everything in detail to me, in your calm, professional and supportive manner. You explained that I would be able to get a hold of you at anytime, you would always be available day or night, to pick up Charlie’s body, and that you would come to our house to pick up and transport Charlie’s body back to your facility, where he would be cremated, even tho we live quite a ways out of Bellingham, in Acme. So, I felt I had everything arranged, and in place that I could have, prior to when the time came. That made me feel more at ease somehow, that I now knew what to do when the time came, to take care of Charlie at the end.

So that day came, on May 25th, 2016. My husband and I spent our last day with Charlie, and at the appointed time Dr. Squibb and his assistant arrived, and they helped Carlie leave this world. You had arrived a short while before Charlie was gone, and you sat with us as we all sat surrounding Charlie as he left this world. My husband and I were grief stricken, crying and heartbroken. You offered a shoulder to cry on, Kleenex, kindness, and words of comfort and support, and when we were ready to part with Charlie, you gave him a dignity that is generally only shown/provided to humans.

You brought out a gurney and stretcher from your vehicle and put the stretcher on the ground where Carlie lay, and Dr. Squibb and my husband and you lifted Charlie to the gurney and then covered Charlie. You wheeled him on the gurney to your vehicle and slid him on the folding gurney into the back of your vehicle. You removed the cover from Charlie’s face and stepped away again, so my husband and I could say our final goodbye to Charlie.

As we watched you drive away with Charlie I knew that you would be handling him with care and respect in this last part of his journey. It was comforting to me to know that. Thank you for treating Charlie like that.

You called 3 days later to tell me Charlie’s ashes were ready to be picked up.

I know this is a long letter. It is difficult for me to put all of this into words. I just wanted to try and put into words what Charlie meant to us, and what it meant to us to know he would be treated as you treated him, even in death. You are a very special person to be doing this, it’s not only that you are taking care of our beloved pets in such a loving manner, but you also show such empathy and kindness for the pet owner who is going through a very emotional, traumatic time. Your presence was calming, comforting and powerful, and gave order and guidance to us when we were distraught and unsure as to our next step of letting go of Charlie.

I’ve been telling friends and relatives of your service/business the last month, and when the time comes, a lot of people will be contacting you. But we are retired and don’t have a computer, so if you would be able to put any, or all of this letter on your website, please do so. Your business, and you are very much needed, and I would recommend you to anyone that asked.

Sandra and Larry Berti, Acme, WA


“Thank you so much for taking care of my Boo. I’m still very sad but I’m coming around. I love the little wooden heart(*) and the tag that went through the cremation process. Boo’s remains were very interesting(**) and his beak was pretty much intact.

“It is a wonderful and calming service for a heart breaking situation. Losing my little bird was life altering for me but I feel I honored him with this after care.

“Thanks again for being there for Boo and me.”

*Leslie purchased the Tribute Heart Memorial Keepsake.
**Boo was a Love Bird. Rather than grinding Boo’s remains, the beautiful little bones and bone fragments were placed in a small clear bag and left intact for Leslie to see.

Leslie K., Lynden, WA.


“I just want to thank you for the beautiful care package you made for Gimlet. Everything was put together so well – I especially love the heart-shaped box with her hair clipping.

“Thank you also for taking the time to talk to me about her, she was such an important part of my life and I’m so grateful she chose me as her “mom” – I will always miss my Gimmie Girl…”

Holly H., Bellingham, WA

Bon Bon

“Thank you for your comforting words this afternoon. Your assistance, and letting us have some solemn time with our beloved late Bon Bon, was very important and valuable to us. We could see that you have a very sympathetic gentle heart. We always believe Bon Bon deserves the best whenever in life or in eternity.

“Thank you again for being so friendly, informative and at the same time very professional.”

Catherine (Grandmimi of our beloved late Bon Bon), Blaine, WA

Amazing Grace

“I wanted to say THANK YOU, once again, for the kind, caring, loving service that you provide. It absolutely meant the world too me when Mike and I lost our beloved AMAZING GRACE at the Brookfield Vet Hospital in Redmond, WA. I called you early that day and told you that I wanted to drive her body up to your facility. You were so warm and compassionate on the phone. You were wonderful to accommodate me on such a short notice.

“It was important to me to take that last drive with her. She absolutely loved the car, as strange as that may seem. You were there to welcome Grace and me and I will never forget your care and compassion. Your facility is amazingly peaceful and just what I needed at that time. I truly was with her, right to the end.

“I ordered a special urn (PetTribute’s Sleeping Cat Urn) and the after-care package. Mike is having the after-care package items framed at Fourth Corner Frames (thank you SO much for your recommendation). We have placed Grace’s urn in her favorite bed, in front of the living room fireplace. She is with us always, still.

“You also recommended the Humane Society of Whatcom County for grief support. THANK YOU!! So, so helpful and I have met some wonderful folks there.

“I cannot say enough about YOU and your wonderful facility. As you know, I talk a lot and I intend to tell everybody that I know about Lifecycle Pet Cremation in Bellingham, WA.”

Gail P., Bellingham, WA


“I will recommend your services any time I have a friend whose pet dies. I was impressed with how personable you were, and that it only took one day to get Bobby’s ashes back. I also appreciated that there were no large bone fragments like there were for my other bunny (different company)! The price was also good, and the urn is tasteful and not morbid-looking. ?Thank you!”

Julia D., Bellingham, WA


“Thanks again for your work with Jewely, we’re really pleased with the keepsakes!”

Micki & Tom W., Glacier, WA


“It has been seven days since we lost our beautiful, sweet Loki. And, while his passing has not been easy to accept, your kindness and sympathy during this difficult time has brought tremendous comfort.

“We are so grateful for the compassionate service you provide. Loki was our precious baby and letting him go is heart-breaking. We were so grateful when Cedar Grove Veterinary recommended Life Cycle Pet Cremation and stated you would pick him up from our home. That alone lifted a tremendous burden. And, then you arrived and walked into one of our darkest moments – with your heart open and full of compassion. Just as mine was collapsing into darkness.

“Your kind words and patience with our grieving family will always be remembered. Your physical acts – wrapping Loki in his favorite blankie, allowing me to carry him to your car, and your gentle assurances of his care during the process – were done with deep compassion and respect.

“Your love of all creatures is also apparent in your after-care package. It means so much to us to have his paw print and the little tuft of hair from our little (almost bald) Sphynx’s tail. It’s obvious this was done with respect and care. Thank you. You’ve helped make a devastating loss more bearable.”

Sonia & Jack, W., Bellingham, WA


Our pets become such a big part of our lives. When they pass on from this life, they leave a big hole in our lives and an even bigger hole in our hearts. Our boy, Taroh, brought us so much joy. He gave his lifetime of service and unconditional love to us.

“We are so grateful to Life Cycle Pet Cremation for being a part of his burial process. From the time that we contact you to the time we picked up his After-Care Package, Life Cycles did a phenomenal job. The Reflection Room was warm and comforting and even though our hearts were utterly shattered at the time, we felt a sense of calm and peacefulness there.

“Thank you for taking care of Taroh’s body with such gentle care and thank you for taking care of his sweet old, worn out body in a compassionate and respectful manner.

“When we got home, we could tell that the After-Care Package was also done with intention and thoughtful care and it touched our hearts again. We will always remember how Life Cycle treated and took care of us during that difficult phase.

“Your work is both meaningful and important to us and many others in the community.”

Kate, Steve, Elliott B., Bellingham, WA


“Bobbie Ruth was so soothing. I had a very hard time letting go of Mea, Bobbie Ruth reassured me she would take good care of her and even offered to come back in a couple hours (I live 20 minutes away). When I went to pick-up Mea’s ashes I felt like Bobbie Ruth truly cared. She kept Mea’s stuffed duck by her up to cremation. This meant a lot to me. Thank you for your kind compassionate care.

“Here is one of the many pictures I have of Mea. I thought this would be a good one as she has her duck!

“She was such a sweet girl. She would carefully carry that duck everywhere with her.

“When we added our dog Rigby to our family we had to replace the duck many times because he would shred it. It would upset Mea so much she would bark @ him & look at us to save her duck.

“I miss her. She was such a sweet girl.”

Becky K., Bellingham, WA


“We recently said goodbye to our little boy Chuck.

“Chuck was a rescue… although we often wonder who really rescued who? This amazing little boy showed us the true meaning of unconditional love and devotion. He was the purest of souls.

“The process of saying goodbye was agonizing – one of the hardest things that we have ever had to do!

“We will never forget our little boy, and thanks to Bobbie Ruth and her services at Life Cycle Pet Cremation, those memories will never be far from reach.”

Tony L. and Jim F., Bellingham, WA


“I was so grateful for Bobbie Ruth’s compassion when she came to our home. She was very empathetic to what we were going through. Our baby was taken with a pillow under her head, and a blanket around her. I would recommend Life Cycle Pet Cremation to anyone who has the very difficult task of deciding the final resting place for their loved ones.”

Sabrina S., Bellingham, WA


I just wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the beautiful, caring remembrance of our sweet girl. Everything you did has such a special touch and I know our beloved dog was given her final resting place with dignity and respect.

“I know each time I saw you, I was so overcome with emotion that I could not express any of my feelings and gratitude. I feel so fortunate to have been referred to you by Vicki. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.”

Sandy and Fred O., Burlington, WA


“I recently lost my Louie, And he was sent over to your facility. I was just his foster mom, but he had been with me for a year. We had become very attached to him. But due to an un-for seen illness he was relieved of his pain and misery.

“I was so lifted by your care of him and the items that you gave back to me. We are placing him with our other beloved pets that have crossed over.”

Veronica N., Ferndale, WA


“When our dear dog, Toby, passed away, we were in grief and chose to have him cremated and to go to the apple orchard. Three years later, I knew that was a mistake and we chose differently for Mandy. Thank you for all of the love and care you put into this process. I was floored. We adopted Mandy 12 years ago. When we gave her a final send-off on the beach, it was beautiful. Your wooden box, paw print ornament, tuft of fur, paw print and poem—I was beyond grateful. I wish we had done this for Toby as well. Thank you so much for your service and for the care and thought that goes into it.”

Jen S., Bellingham, WA


“Losing Max on Monday was one of the most painful experiences I’ve had. Our 9.5 years together was so full and rich with such clearly reciprocated love that when he passed I felt a vacuous hole in my heart and home. The space you created allowed me to honor Max the way he deserved, and the items you prepared for me are now the most precious things in my home. I was so scared that picking up his remains yesterday would just add to my grief, but amazingly, I am having the opposite experience. Although his passing is still heartbreaking, I found almost immediate comfort upon seeing how well you cared for him. Having “him” home helps me feel less alone, and the thoughtful creation of his nose print, paw casting, and other items helps me believe that I did all I could to show respect for his amazing beautiful life. That you didn’t think I was crazy for making my dog a boutonnière was a gift in itself. Thank you for doing what you do, I imagine it is not without emotional challenge. I will surely recommend your services to any friends in need in the future.”

Suzanne W., Bellingham, WA


“With deepest sincerity, I would like to thank you for all that you did in the aftercare of our neighbor’s sweet dog, Rudi. I know that his parents were comforted greatly by how caring and respectful you were, especially when one them was, unfortunately, out of town at the time. Rudi’s Mommy was very relieved and grateful that you would travel so far to help her and she loved you right away.

“I cannot go without noting how superbly done the “After-Care Package” was … a lasting Memorial and a beautiful display.

“Thank you, Bobbie Ruth, for creating this much-needed service for pet owners in our area. We need to let everyone know that they have a choice, when the time comes. “Life Cycle Pet Cremation” is here to help comfort us and honor our pets with the utmost admiration.

“… on another note, I am very sorry that I wasn’t aware of the “Floating Lantern Pet Memorial” at Lake Samish. I will definitely plan on joining you next September and help pass the word along. How amazingly breathtaking … simply stunning! So many little souls …

“What did we ever do without you?”

Judy Farrell / SouthSide PAWS, Bow, WA


“Thx so much for taking such good care of Miles. You provide a wonderful service. My husband was very impressed with the nice package you put together. Thx for everything. Will definitely tell all of our friends.”

Karen K., Bellingham, WA


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your loving care of Nellie and the cremation process. We loved our after care package and the special gifts of remembrance. Thank you again so much for helping make the process easier and smooth. I appreciated how you came into our house and petted Nellie and treated her like a part of our family rather than just a body. We will happily refer people to you as we were very impressed.”

Rachel S., Bellingham, WA


“From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your compassion and the excellent care taken on behalf of our precious Albert on the final day of his earthly life. I felt it was not so much an ending, rather a transition…truly a beautiful one.”

Colleen J., Lynden, WA


“I can’t think of words that adequately describe your services: Exemplary? Outstanding?? Cosmically Superior??? I’ve had many beloved dogs cremated over the past 66 years, by other companies whose prices were more than yours. All I received with my pet’s cremains were reasonably attractive containers. Therefore my husband and I were flabbergasted, touched, and so very grateful for your services to our dear Gabe in October 2014. Not only did we receive a lovely container for his ashes, but all the extra gifts–the memorial card with his inked paw print, the clay casting wall hanging of his paw, the certificate of cremation, and the snip of his hair in its own heart-shaped box–whoever put these items together used such care and respect towards Gabe that it eased our broken hearts more than I can say. We treasure the mementos you generously provided. Your wonderful service made such a difference during a difficult time. THANK YOU!”

Jean & Steve M., Eastsound, WA


“Thank you so much for taking such good care of Bailey. We have her memorial on the wall in our living room and her ashes on our desk as well. It is getting easier every day.”

Ann A., Sedro-Woolley, WA


“Thank you so much for your exceptional care of Teddibear. You and your company provided a level of care and comfort that is unmatched. The loss of my best friend resonates so deep in my heart and knowing she was shown respect and love in her transition heals a bit of my heart.”

Alena F., Bellingham, WA


“I just wanted to take this time to thank you for the special care you gave my sweet Olivia after her passing. I can tell just by the neat detail of her bag of items that you looked after her. We still miss her so much, but have many memories of the special years we had with her.”

Jan F., Bellingham, WA


“Sunday March 8th our precious Chihuahua Lucy, 15, was put to rest to join her life mate Max ( Dauschaund/ Chihuahua mix, 14 1/2 years old). Our family lost Max suddenly due to a brain tumor in November 2014. The decision was made to put Max to rest at our vets office (did not know of any other option) and allow them to arrange his cremation with a 3rd party. I personally cried for weeks and weeks not knowing how his body was treated after death. It was such a cold ending it felt as I set his lifeless body down onto a cold exam room table and walked out the door. It was not encouraged by staff to give me time to grieve a bit before leaving him. I mention this experience only to compare our experience with Life Cycle. The loss of 2 pets within 3 months is devastating enough and I could not bare the thought of having the experience with Max be repeated with Lucy. I called Mobile Vets till I found one that had the warmth and kindness I felt comfortable with and made arrangements. I had a friend share Life Cycle with me 2 days previous. I called late on Saturday night and my call was returned promptly. Bobbie Ruth agreed to meet us on Sunday even though she wasn’t officially open. When we pulled up with our lifeless Lucy devastated she greeted our family including a 3 year old Chihuahua/Schnauzer with compassion. We were kindly given all the time we needed with Lucy to grieve. Our after care package was so beautifully arranged and delivered to us due to scheduling conflicts. I cannot rave enough about this service. Lucy’s end of life was honored and our family can have peace knowing that! Thank you Bobbie Ruth!!”

Tara E., Bellingham, WA


“Thank you so much for your compassionate and thoughtful work. I’ve never had a pet cremated before and didn’t know quite what to expect (except what another client had told me about your service). Your kindness and very personal approach is so appreciated. And the beautiful paw-print plaque, heart-box with Jessy’s tail-hair, and lovely packaging of her ashes are going a long way towards helping these broken hearts to heal.”

Susan B. & David S., Bellingham, WA


“Thank you so much, Bobbie Ruth, for all you have done for me and for giving such beauty to my Bootsie’s memory. I love the prints of Bootsie’s paw and nose. So precious! I love and appreciate everything in the after-care package. Bootsie’s name and dates are so nicely done on a lovely high-quality urn. Everything was done perfectly. Your kindness lifted such a burden and has brought me peace.”

Dee D., Bellingham, WA


“We can’t thank Bobbie Ruth enough for the compassion and dignity she gave to our 14 yr old baby Chaz. He is in a lovely box and can’t say enough how much that his paw print and some of his hair in a heart box has meant to us. We feel he is always going to be with us in spirit. Thank you Life Cycle Pet Cremation.”

Paul & Sharon K., Ferndale, WA


“Thank you for your handling Samantha’s cremation and for the beautiful after-care package. I was never truly comfortable with ‘sending them out’, which until you opened, was our only option here. It is so much nicer to be able to bring them directly to you, and know that you will handle everything with the utmost care. I am just so glad that your service is now available right here at home. It just gives much more peace of mind to have everything done quickly and in such a caring and professional manner, and to have such nice options for personalizing the keepsake items in the after-care package. Everything I received looked beautiful. I will definitely not hesitate to refer friends and family to you in the future. Thank you!”

Zakiah A., Ferndale, WA


Einstein (on right) with pal Molly

“Having Einstein with me is such a comfort. I will always treasure his paw print and fur. Thank you for giving me a wonderful way to remember him. I learned years ago that the day you bond with a pet is the day you must begin to mourn their departure. Knowing that from the very beginning does not it any easier but it does make the time more precious.”

Judy W., Bellingham, WA


“We just wanted to thank you so much for the very beautiful work you did in helping us with one of the worst days we could have imagined. You took wonderful care of our beautiful cat Manooti in November and we will just never regret our decision in traveling up to your beautiful space. We cherish the beautiful paw prints, fur, and special words we will have forever to remind us of him daily. We are just very impressed with you and your service. Thank you so much again!”

Holly and Mike H., Shoreline, WA


“I just lost my best friend and the one thing I loved the most, my dog Thor. It’s been very hard, and I thought it’d be horrible to go pick up his ashes. But Bobbie Ruth Langley, the person who did the cremation, was very respectful and kind. She made it a bit easier on me to pick Thor up, and I really appreciated that. I highly recommend their services to anybody who loses their beloved pets.”

Jessica L., Bellingham, WA


“Thank you so much for all you have done for my Sylvie and for my family.”

Kyle K., Eastsound, WA


“We just lost our 15 1/2 year old chihuahua Peanut on Dec 28. We are so heart-broken. Bobbie Ruth was so comforting and caring when she picked Peanut up. I was thankful when she was getting him ready to go our other Chi came over to Peanut like she was saying goodbye. The process for all of us to say goodbye was not rushed. We got Peanut back today. The aftercare package is so comforting. It was so thoughtfully and carefully put together. We will have it forever to remember our sweet little man. Thank you Bobbie Ruth.”

Karen C., Ferndale, WA


“Omg. I just now opened your bag. You were awesome!! Thank you so much for treating my little Jasper so special. You went beyond what I expected in such a sweet way. He might have been just a foster dog, but he was special. And you made him that way forever. Thank you sooo much.”

Cindy M-E., Bellingham, WA

Droopey & Melvin

“Your business is a very caring, loving, well-run, and much needed service in Whatcom County. I would never take my beloved pet anywhere else now that I know there is a business that really truly cares.”

Treauna C., Lynden, WA

Mr. Stash

“I recently lost my beloved cat, Mr. Stash, to kidney failure. Bobbie Ruth was so very kind and caring. I know my cat was in good hands. I’d highly recommend Life Cycle Pet Cremation to anyone who has lost a beloved furry friend. The service is top notch, and our pets are treated with dignity and respect. Thank you, Bobbie Ruth! You really helped me through a difficult time.”

Sue H., Blaine, WA


“Thank you so much for Lucy’s after-care package!! I love it! The box is gorgeous and it means a lot to have her fur and paw print!”

Julie M., Bellingham, WA

Spot & Gordy

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of Spot. Your genuine compassion and respect for Spot made a gloomy day a little brighter. I will definitely recommend your services to all of my friends.”

Life Cycle was also privileged to provide aftercare for Gordy, several months after Spot’s passing.

Judy C., Ferndale, WA

Mary (a.k.a. “A Boy Named Mary”)

“Last fall, my partner and I had to put our 18 year old kitty to sleep. He was just very old, and had used up all of his nine lives. It meant so much to us to have Bobbie Ruth and Life Cycle not only nearby, but to have so many thoughtful services provided along the way helped ease the pain of losing our kitty. I will most definitely always Life Cycle in the future, and recommend them to anyone who wants cremation for their furry family members.”

Julia P., Bellingham, WA


“Thank you for your kind words and compassion in taking care of my very special boy Tucker.

“I’ve shared with my veterinarian and will my friends what a wonderful service you offer to the community and how comforting it has been to me.

“Again, thank you so much.”

Carolyn W., Bellingham, WA


“Thank you for the excellent care of Gwinnie! We know that she was treated with love and respect.

“The lovely after-care package was very helpful in our grieving process.”

Patty & David B., Bellingham, WA

Ferguson (“Fergie”)

“Thank you, with all my heart, for taking care of my little girl. Ferguson was part of my life through the good and bad years. She warmed herself next to me by the fireplace. She watched me leave for runs and for work from the upstairs window of every place we lived. She played, she snuggled, and she talked to me. Even though she was already gone when we brought her to your facility, to talk with her one last time in your Reflection Room, and to know that when she left my gasp she was going to be treated with dignity and respect was so important to me.”

“The lovely after-care package was very helpful in our grieving process.”

Tresa M., Bellingham, WA


“Wonderful people and service. Thanks for everything.”

Dayna V., Bellingham, WA