Transportation Options

Effective 2/1/2021

Although you are always welcome to bring your pet to our facility (no fee), pick up service is available.

The cost of transportation depends on the distance and time from our office to the pick up location as estimated by

The exception:  Complimentary pick up is available from all veterinary clinics in Whatcom County and any referring veterinary clinic in another county. 

For all other locations, the transportation fee is calculated as follows:

1) Using, calculate the shortest automobile route from 801 W. Orchard Drive / 98225 to the pick up location.  Also note the shortest travel time (minutes) one-way.

2) If the pick up location is 10 miles or less one-way, then pick up is complimentary.

3) If the pick up location is more than 10 miles one-way, then there is a fee of $50/hour + $.75/mile round-trip.

For example, if the pick up location is 100 miles from our facility in Bellingham, and the estimated travel time one-way is 1.25 hours, then the transportation fee will be 2.5 hours X $50 ($125) plus 200 miles X $.75 ($150), or a total of $275.  

If ferry travel is required, then the ferry fee plus additional travel time will also apply.