How We’re Different

We’re Local.

Our pet funeral home is located in Bellingham, WA and our crematoriums are on-site. We are a small privately owned business.

Our services are dedicated 100% to pets.

Our facility is expressly designed to provide after-care for pets (and only pets) and to give comfort to the pet parents who love them.

Our facility is open to the public.

You are welcome to stop by anytime and look around all areas of our facility. The space is warm and welcoming. We are often told that it has a “good vibe.”

We offer both flame and eco-friendly water cremation.

For flame cremation we offer only private cremation. Our definition of “private” cremation is that your pet is the only pet in the crematorium, regardless of how small your pet may be. Period. This matches the way “private cremation” is defined in the IAOPCC Colsolidated Standards:

“1.3.3 Private Cremation – Only one pet is placed in the cremation chamber and cremated, with the cremated remains returned to the client.”

For water cremation, we offer partitioned cremation (where your pet is placed in his or her own basket and your pet’s cremated remains are returned to you) and communal cremation (where your pet’s cremated remains are not returned to you.)

No pressure!

You do not have to make a decision about the type of cremation you want for your pet immediately after their death. You can wait up to several days to finalize your order.

We use a secure tracking system.

The moment your pet comes into our care they are assigned a steel identification tag (the type used for human cremation). The tag number is documented on your order form and in our computer system. This tag never leaves your pet – it stays with them throughout the cremation process and is placed inside their urn and returned to you.

Daily pick up/transfer.

We offer same-day (or next morning) complimentary transfer of your pet to our facility from any veterinary clinic in Whatcom County and some veterinary clinics in Skagit County.

We also offer residential pick-up service.

You are also welcome to bring your deceased pet directly to our facility. Pet parents often experience great relief by seeing our facility and meeting our staff prior to their pet’s cremation.*

See Transportation Options for more information.

We guarantee a quick turn-around.

Your pet’s cremated remains will be available for pick up in 3-5 business days for flame cremation or 7-10 days for eco-friendly water cremation. 

Limited use of freezers.

Your pet’s body will be kept safe and cool in a special refrigerated room we call our Cool Room. The Cool Room is a temperature-controlled room made from industrial freezer panels that stays at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

We offer witnessed cremations.

With a private flame cremation or a partitioned eco-friendly water cremation, you have the option of being present when we place your pet in the crematorium and turn on the equipment. If you can’t be present, but still want to witness the cremation, then for a fee we will video tape the start of your pet’s cremation.

Just because you’ve chosen a communal cremation doesn’t mean you don’t have memorial options.

Even if you don’t want your pet’s cremated remains you can still purchase any of our additional services, including an After-Care Package without the urn.  See Services & Pricing.

*Radiant Heart After-Care for Pets does not provide euthanasia service. A pet must be deceased before they are brought to our facility.