Fur Clipping in Heart Box


Your pet’s fur…it’s the one memorial for which there is no degree of separation from your pet, and that makes it incredibly special.  It contains not only the visual colors and textures of your pet’s fur, but it smells like your pet as well.

It’s very common for pet parents to say that they don’t want a fur clipping because they have a “house full of pet hair!”  Yet, often times  the fur clipping is the thing that pet parent’s cherish most.

At Radiant Heart we take the time, and have the skill, to compose a beautiful little display of your pet’s fur.

Using professional grooming clippers, Radiant Heart carefully collects the most beautiful aspects of your pet’s fur (colors and textures) and layers it in a wonderful little paper mache heart-shaped box. We glue the ribbon to the bottom of the box top, and hand-tie a lovely little bow.

You may request fur from a specific area, but by default we do our best to collect all colors and patterns.  (The fur is actually layered in the box, so you may not see all colors and patterns on the top.)