The grief experienced by a human when they lose a pet is just as profound, and just as devastating, as the loss of a human friend or family member.

Grief that is triggered by the death of a pet often results in a disruption of normal functioning. A grieving pet parent’s brain can be “fried,” making them feel confused and vulnerable. It’s not uncommon for grieving pet parents to be debilitated for days after the loss of a pet.

Often a pet parent will willingly spend thousands of dollars on their pet, but they won’t invest in a little time and money into grief therapy for themselves.  Often they simply don’t feel that they are worthy.

Here is a simple and free exercise that can reduce emotional stress. This exercise was developed by Marie T. Matteson, MS LMP RC of Matteson Communications. (Her contact info is at the bottom of this post.) Marie has used this technique herself and with clients for a number of years, and she has endorsements from emergency room physician and local physiologists.

Emotional Stress Release Technique / One Minute Stress Release

This technique is really a way into the sub-consciousness. It allows messages and memories to be released from the mind, body and soul. It is an active exercise that is done while engaging the consciousness to bring about profound changes. First by clearing the negative thoughts, messages, or self talk. Secondly, you are able to then put in positive affirmations, self love and other gratitude messages. It also allows the mind to stop sending pain messages to the physical body.

1. Place Ring Finger Pad to Pad of Thumb on each hand.

2. Place the index and middle fingers of both hands onto the frontal eminence (bumps) of the forehead.

3. While engaging the stressful thought, negative message, etc, move your eyes in a circle, as far to the edge of your vision as you comfortably can, going all the way around one direction, then back the other direction.

4. Keeping the same positioning of the hands, you are now ready to put in the positive messages, words and self love.

Marie T. Matteson, MS LMP RC

Click here to access a pdf with instructional pictures.