Radiant Heart After-Care for PetsHaving just entered our 5th year in business, Life Cycle Pet Cremation, Inc. is evolving to better meet the needs of our clients and community. We’ve experienced strong and consistent growth and are expanding with aquamation services (while continuing to offer pet cremation).

Aquamation produces less carbon dioxide and pollutants, but the end result is the same – the pet’s body is reduced to bone. We believe aquamation will be an attractive option to pet parents who care about the environment.

Once our aquamation machine is operational (mid-2018), we will provide a comparison chart for pet parents – cleanly illustrating the major differences (and commonalities) of cremation and aquamation.

We are also planning to add a short animation to our website that demonstrates how aquamation works. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions.

DBA & Logo

Starting 1/1/2018, we will be doing business as Radiant Heart After-Care for Pets. The new name allows for the planned expansion of services, and the modified logo better reflects the professionalism/compassion of our unique approach to pet after-care.

For marketing purposes www.radiant-heart.net will be our primary url. However, all existing links to the current website, as well as all old Life Cycle e-mail addresses, will continue to work.

Cremation – Private or Communal

We are removing the semi-private option for small pets. The term “semi-private” continues to be confusing to pet parents, and the option provides little (if any) cost savings for us. Instead, we have created new/lower private cremation pricing for little pets.

Price Changes

In preparation for the addition of aquamation in mid-2018, we have created new pricing tiers. This new pricing will align us solidly with other aquamation providers on the west coast.

Additionally, we hired Sarah Benn of BennDesign.com to create a new price sheet that is simple and straight-forward. A PDF version of this price sheet is already available via a link at the top of Services & Pricing.

Thank You

Thank you to all of our clients for giving us the privilege of providing after-care for their pets, and for recommending us to friends and family.  Our success and continued growth is due to you!  We couldn’t be more grateful. ~:-)