Soda Ash Fired Urn with High Gloss Finish – 58 ci


This incredibly interesting urn was hand crafted by a female PNW ceramic artist living and working in Glacier, WA.

This urn was expertly created and then kiln fired with soda ash to create a beautiful grey and orange finish. What makes this urn extra special, and what lends it darker colors, is that it was then re-fired with a high-gloss glaze.

A hand-carved piece of local reclaimed wood makes a fitting handle.

Soda firing is an atmospheric firing technique where sodium carbonate, also known as soda ash, is introduced into a kiln along with the ceramic urn. The soda creates special effects on the surface of the pottery, interacting with glazed surfaces in a wholly unique way.

A wonderful way to remember your pet.

7″ tall.  5.5″ wide.

Holds 58 cubic inches and is appropriate for pets up to 58 lbs (flame cremation) or 46 lbs (water cremation).

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