Golden Retriever Urn


There’s a reason Golden Retrievers are often the family pet in movies and television shows; you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t just adore this affable breed! From their roles as animal actors to dedicated service animals, this breed is truly special. With gorgeous coats of fur and big brown eyes, we know our clients love their Goldens. Exceptionally bright, smiling, and friends to everyone, this breed’s lovability is honored in this unique urn, which captures the sweet scene of a Golden peacefully napping.

This highly detailed Golden Retriever Urn is cast using a polymer resin/bronze powder mixture and hand finished with bronze patina. The original work of art was hand sculpted by artist Vitaly (Val) Grinshpun after months of researching and photographing Golden Retrievers. Val also personally casts and hand-finishes each reproduction.

This urn opens at the bottom with a heavy duty 3.5 inches snap-in plug.

This urn is designed so that you may affix your beloved pet’s actual tag, or a new tag that you have printed yourself.

Dimensions: 10.5″(L) x 9″(W) x 4″(H). Appropriate for pets up to 110 lbs.