Morning Flight Eco-Friendly Scatter Urn


The Morning Flight Eco-Friendly Scatter Urn, wrapped in the gorgeous photo “Morning Flight” by photographer Mark Bergsma, displays Mt. Baker and a flight of birds as seen from Sucia Island looking across Rosario Straight.

Soon to be available only from Radiant Heart.

It is an easy-to-use and flexible option for keeping your pet’s cremated remains.

* With beautiful graphics and a sturdy construction this urn can be kept for years, displayed in a special place as a lovely reminder of your pet.
* Telescoping lid and perforated top are perfect for scattering your pet’s ashes.
* 100% bio-degradable, this urn could also be used for ground burial.

A special feature of this urn is the personalization section on the back.

Available in five sizes (XS – XL).

***Printing of this urn is expected in 2021. Radiant Heart is accepting pre-orders via the backorder option.***


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