Mosaic Wood Urn – Ocean Blue


Honor your pet’s life with a beautiful, hand-crafted ocean blue dyed mosaic wood urn

Using segmented construction, this urn is made from 72 individually cut pieces of dyed oak. These pieces are glued together into rings, and then the rings are glued together to form a base which is then shaped using a wood lathe. The resulting mosaic effect is gorgeous! The urn is finished with several coats of high-quality finish.

The lid is threaded and securely screws into the base. The lid engraves nicely.

Diameter: 6-1/2″ in diameter
Height: 5″
Volume: ~ 100 ci

Appropriate for pets up to 100 lbs. (flame cremation) or 80 lbs. (water cremation).

Please note: Wood grain will vary. The photo shown is an example urn.

***DYE IS SENSITVIE TO MOISTURE! Appropriate for inside display only.***