Memories of Floating Lantern Pet Memorial 2015

National Pet Memorial Day
Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015

Lake Padden Park, Bellingham, WA

Video by Diane Padys Photography

Video Editing by Greg Campbell (425-314-8003)

Video Music by Walt Burkett

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Selected photos by Lauren McClanahan ([email protected]).

Photos may be purchased via

Lauren also specializes in pet portrait photography:


Thank you to everyone who participated in Floating Lantern Pet Memorial 2015, held at Lake Padden Park.

It was a magical to watch about 50 people, largely strangers to one another, meet and mingle and talk about the pets that they had loved and lost.

Due to strong winds (simply too strong for our lanterns), we opted for “Plan B.” We gathered on the beach holding our illuminated lanterns, looked out over the water, and listened to beautiful music mixed with the sounds of nature.

One kind participant wrote: “In spite of the wind-chill factor, I was warmed by the love and respect for all the members of our animal families at this event. Bobbie Ruth–you did an amazing job of creating and organizing this and your Plan B was just right! Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of this celebration!”

While it was disappointing not to get to see the lanterns floating in the lake, many pet parents opted to float their lanterns on the water’s edge, just for moment, long enough to take a picture.  These moments were both beautiful and touching to witness.

Next year (Floating Lantern Pet Memorial 2016) we’ll employ lanterns that will be resistant to both wind and light rain. We have a year to design and develop a Pacific Northwest lantern. We’re already working on it, but all ideas are welcome.

Special thanks to…

  • Walt Burkett who provided a gorgeous guitar accompaniment to the evening, and then stayed late to help with the heavy lifting required to pack-up the vehicles.
  • Beyond Blonde – Hilde Meadow, Barbara Johnson and Susan Bennerstrom – for providing beautiful vocal music to the evening, and especially Hilde for her “Plan B” idea.
  • Volunteers Joy Moore, Kathy Miller and Karen Reed for arriving early, staying late, and being indispensible.
  • Diane and Cynthia of Diane Padys Photography for volunteering their time and talents.
  • To Yeager’s Sporting Goods for discounting the price of the canoe rental.
  • City of Bellingham Parks, especially Lance Romo for his guidance.
  • Jannette Matos of Floating Lantern Memorials (Florida) for her generous guidance.
  • And especially to Bill Langley and Tatiana Langley for, once again, fully supporting yet another one of my creative and labor-intensive ventures without question.


Bobbie Ruth Langley
Life Cycle Pet Cremation, Inc.