Just yesterday I learned that a man in Everett (whose identity is being investigated for possible legal action) flagged a Life Cycle Pet Cremation ad posted to Craigslist, claiming that he had seen our facility and didn’t believe we were operating in the way we describe on our website.

Craigslist never notified me of the flag, and I have not yet seen the man’s complaint, but from what I understand the accusations were outlandish, incendiary and clearly designed to scare pet parents.

I’m fairly certain that the Craigslist Hater is not a client, and here’s why:

1) We’ve never had a client from Everett (unless he fabricated his location, too).

2) Our actual clients love what we do, and are vocal in their appreciation. (See Testimonials and our 5-Star reviews on Facebook.) Based on our clients’ feedback, I can’t imagine anyone walking away from having toured our facility feeling like we were anything other than who we say we are.

3) You have to ask yourself, “Who would benefit from such a sadistic posting?” Only someone who believed that they had something to personally gain by spreading false rumors. No pet parent would personally benefit, and other parents certainly didn’t benefit from reading it and being terrified.

4) The Craigslist Hater apparently made some pretty wild accusations about what he thought we were doing, and from what little I know about the posting my gut tells me that the lies he cooked-up aren’t what your typical pet parent would make-up.

(***Let me take this opportunity to say that a majority of folks in the pet cremation industry are wonderful, good people who would never think of doing what the Craigslist Hater did to Life Cycle. I’ve had the pleasure of working with and/or meeting with other pet cremation service providers from around the country, and they couldn’t be nicer or more generous with their time and talents. It’s a great industry to work in, and both Bill and I are looking forward to attending the continuing education sessions in Las Vegas at the IAOPCC annual convention later this month.***)

Now…to counter the accusation that we couldn’t possibly be providing the level of after-care service we describe on our website and in all of our promotional materials:

Life Cycle Pet Cremation treats pets EXACTLY the way we describe on our website (see “Our Process“) and we prove it, every day, via our After-Care Package and the options we provide for witnessing a cremation.

After-Care Package: When a pet parent opens their pet’s After-Care Package, it’s not just the steel ID tag attached to the bag holding their pet’s cremated remains that tells them they’re getting their pet back. They can tell that the clay paw print, the ink paw print, and the fur clippings belong to their pet. Furthermore, if a pet ever had any surgery that involved the implementation of hardware, that hardware is returned to the pet parent further proving that the pet parent is getting their pet’s cremated remains.

Witnessed Cremation: Pet parents can watch us work with their pet and/or witness their pet’s cremation for as long as they like, including the full 3-4 hours it takes to complete their pet’s after-care. How could we possibly operate our business in a more transparent manner or otherwise prove that we really do what we say we do?!

Have you seen our Testimonials?  How about our 5-Star reviews on Facebook (where people can’t post things anonymously like they can on Craigslist).

The pet parents who use our services overwhelmingly love what we do, and so we’re going to keep providing high-quality pet after-care in a respectful and transparent manner.