Rustic Reclaimed Wood Memory Urn


This hand-crafted custom memory urn is made from beautiful 100% reclaimed wood.  Perfect as a final resting place for your pet’s cremated remains and/or as a memory box for cherished momentos of your pet’s life.

Your pet’s name is burned/engraved into a wonderful little wood medallion that is placed on one side.

On another side, there is space for one picture (picture sizes vary).

The top has a “hidden” lid that slides off but is very secure.Each box is made with solid reclaimed wood and water sealed or stained for protection.

Due to the artisan’s commitment to using only reclaimed wood, each box is truly one-of-a-kind, but all are equally beautiful!

Sizes shown are based on photo size. Actual size of box is larger.

***Please allow 4-7 weeks.****