Memorial Glass Sphere


Your beloved pet’s cremated remains memorialized in a gorgeous glass sphere.

Your pet’s memorial round includes a small sample of your pet’s cremated remains, up to 3 colors of your choice, and a metallic sparkle of your choice (silver or gold).

Each memorial is hand-crafted from 14 oz. of solid glass, cooled in a special multi-day process, then finally inspected for quality.

Standard color options available, but you can also create a custom color combination.

Individual colors that you can mix and match include: amber, brown, black (opaque), aqua blue, lagoon blue, navy blue, emerald green, lime green (opaque), patriot red, burgundy red, burgundy, pink, purple, orange, and red.

Up to two (2) words can be engraved on the bottom of your pet’s memorial round at no additional cost.

Due to limited production, turn-around time can be a few weeks to two months.

One sphere requires 1-2 tablespoons of finely ground cremated remains.

Custom colors and/or additional notes:

Engraving on Bottom (2 words max)

Lighted Glass Base

Cremated Remains *