Labrador Retriever Bust and Urn


An amazing way to remember your Labrador Retriever.

Your Labrador Retriever urn will be cast by the talented artist who sculpted the original bust.  Living in Minnesotta, he takes great pride in the quality of his work which has been copied world-wide.

Cold cast bronze (polymer with bronze additive) sculpture bust is available by itself (bust only or as a bust urn), or set on top of a solid wood base urn made from walnut, maple or oak.

Designed so that you may attach your beloved pet’s actual tags, or new tags that you have printed yourself.

Bust urn opens via a 2″ plug.

Wood urns come with a 3″ X 5″ magnet photo holder and engraved name plate.

Appropriate for pets up to about 120 lbs.  (Wood base urn capacity: 140 c.i.)