Life Cycle Sea Turtle Memorial Sculpture


The Life Cycle Memorial by Forever in Glass is an extraordinary way to remember up to three pets.

Three turtles are included as part of this lovely piece of art. Each turtle encapsulates a sample of a single pet’s cremated remains within the belly of the turtle.  However, to start, only one turtle (the pendant) must include cremated remains.

One turtle is made into a Turtle with Egg Cremation Pendant. The egg shell is where the turtle sleeps when he/she is not being worn as a pendant. The pendant comes with an 18″ Silver Snake Chain as well as a black leather cord with an extension chain measuring 17 inches to 19 inches.

Two additional turtles (each with their own glass rod) fit into the “coral reef” made of natural Manzanita burl wood accented with artificial seaweed. These two turtles appear to be floating above or along side the reef. When your Life Cycle memorial is first created, Turtles #2 and #3 do not need to include cremated remains. They may be modified to become memorials later.

Turtles are signed with the pet’s first name or nick name in 22k gold.

Each memorial stands approximately 18″ tall (including artificial seaweed). The burl base alone stands between 9″ and 12″ tall. Each burl base is very different, so dimensions and appearance will vary.