Corona Cremation Beads (Set of 3)


The Corona Cremation Bead is a brightly-colored European style bead made especially for you in memory of a precious pet.

Made by Radiant Heart using high-quality crystal clear artwork resin with pearl pigments to produce beautiful color. For the extra special middle layer, a tiny amount of your pet’s cremated remains is mixed with white pearl and micro glitter.

Each layer of the bead requires 24 hours to set, so the beads take at least 4 days to make.

These wonderful beads work well for necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and rearview mirror charms.

Sold in sets of three (3) in a single color.

Beads are .6 inch wide, .3 inch tall with a .25 inch center.

Special Note: The beads shown here were made using aquamated cremated remains. Beads made using flame-cremated remains often have a silver rather than white stripe/halo through the middle -- the black carbon in the flame-cremated remains mixes with the white pearl pigment to create a silver color.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions .6 × .3 × .25 in
Bead Color

Shimmer Violet, Violet Brass, Misty Lavender, True Blue, Sapphire Blue, Turquoise, Spring Green, Apple Green, Citrine, Bright Yellow, Solar Gold, Aztec Gold, Scarlet, Flamingo Pink, Magenta, Blue Russet, Antique Copper, Antique Silver, Carbon Black, Pearl White