Black Locust Urn with Rainbow Opal Inlay (17 ci)


This extraordinary little urn was made from black locust and turned on a wood lathe. Synthetic opal and bronze were inlayed into the natural inclusions and to produce a beautiful geode effect.

What makes this piece so unique is that the wood chosen for this urn displays the intersection between natural grain and a simply incredible burl!  The burl almost has a petrified coral reef quality to it.  The light colored areas around the opal are most likely from the removal of small branches.

The wood was finished with several coats of satin lacquer, sanded in between coats and then buffed and polished by hand.

The threaded top opening is 1″ dia.

Width: 3.75″

Height: 4″

Appropriate for a pet up to 17 lbs (flame cremation) or 14 lbs (water cremation) or as a keepsake urn for a larger pet.

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