Memories of Floating Lantern Pet Memorial 2016

National Pet Memorial Day
Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016

Blodel Donovan Park, Bellingham, WA

Thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered this year. Below, please find a video, still photos, time-lapse photos, a link to my blog about this year’s event, and the poem written by Judy Farrell. If you’d like to add your comments to the bottom of the page, please send them to

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Selected photos by Lauren McClanahan. Photos may be purchased via Pet Remembrance Ceremony 2016.

Time-lapse photography videos created by Lauren McClanahan.

Click here for Bobbie Ruth Langley’s blog post about the event.

Poem by Judy Farrell

Away…drifting into the tranquil night
surrounded by the soulful light
of so many little Angels

who shared with us their love
who trusted us

…dependent and true

Upon the waters
we release our lonely hearts to you…
Everlasting memories…irreplacable joy…

lingering still

Notes from Participants:

“THANK YOU for organizing & putting on such a lovely, meaningful & emotional event. The 3 dogs we honored last night have been gone from us for 22, 16 & 7 years, yet I had no idea how powerful the emotions would be as we decorated. You think you have long gotten over the painful loss & yet…..

“It was a beautiful experience, thank you!!!”

Warm regards,
Denise & Jim Beard