Ruby Red & Black Yantra Devine Pet Urn

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One of the most unique urns in our inventory, this urn is two-toned with a deep ruby red top and a solid black base. Yantra are mystical geometric shapes originating in ancient India. The shapes adorn temples and homes for use in meditative worship. This specific yantra symbolizes a profound connection with both the physical and ephemeral universe. This meaning is especially in sync with the red and black colors of the urn, respectively symbolizing life’s activating and inertial qualities. For nonreligious use, the symbol means good fortune and protection. Topped with a ruby-colored crystal, this urn will certainly stand out as a lasting memorial to your pet.

Made especially for Radiant Heart by a California artist.

Appropriate for the cremated remains of a pet up to approximately 25 lbs, or as a keepsake urn for a larger pet.

Dimensions: 5″ tall, 4.5″ diameter

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