Lookout Mountain Mushroom Urn


The Mushroom Urn is one of the most extraordinary urns that Radiant Heart offers. It is a completely unique piece of art, created by a Bellingham, WA artist using reclaimed wood from local mountains, including Lookout Mountain where a fire in 1895 ravaged the mountainside but also preserved some of the wood.

This would be a wonderful keepsake urn for remembering a beloved pet who loved the outdoors.

The base of this wonderful urn was created from the remnant of a branch of ancient Western Red Cedar. The seven mushrooms are carved from Douglas Fir. The underside of each mushroom has hand-carved gills, reflecting the care and detail that the artist put into the piece.

The artist choreographed the location for each mushroom to achieve a beautiful, natural tableaux.

A wooden peg fits into a crevice in the main body of the urn, enclosing a small space suitable for a pet up to 15 pounds or a sample of a larger pet’s cremains.

Hand-finished with natural beeswax.

Height: 5″
Width: 8″
Length: 12″

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