“Cherished Memories” Heart Cut Ring


Honor your pet's life with a gorgeous keepsake crystal cut into the shape of a heart and made from your loved one's cremated remains by My Crystal Companion(TM).

Please note: Color and clarity will vary since they are determined by the composition of the cremains. (See notes below.)

Heart crystal measures 10 mm.

Requires 3-4 tablespoons of cremated remains.

How Your Cremation Keepsake Crystal is Made

Cremation keepsake crystals are not diamonds, gems, or naturally grown crystal or mineral. They are gem-stone-like and made from glass and cremains in a patented process that creates a one-of-a-kind unique stone which is then professionally cut by experienced jewelers.

Your keepsake crystal will be softer than a diamond but somewhat harder than onyx.

The final appearance of your cremation keepsake crystal depends on a number of factors including the chemical and mineral makeup of the cremains, the thoroughness of the cremation process, the amount of carbon present, and how the ashes are absorbed.

In some cases, only tiny gas bubbles are present in the crystal. In other cases, you may see a great deal of unabsorbed particulate matter. This matter could be evenly or unevenly distributed throughout the memorial keepsake. You may find that the particulate matter has been internally or peripherally concentrated. You may also see a "swirl" of Carbon.

The differences of appearance in each piece of crystal cremation jewelry make them strikingly unique. Each cremation keepsake, like each person, has its own distinctive personality.

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