Fur Clipping & Fur Capture

The fur clipping is often the first thing a parent looks at when they receive their pet’s After-Care Package. The fur clipping is special because it provides a visual and tactile reminder of your pet’s beauty and individuality. Often times just smelling the fur clipping can bring back memories of your pet.

We offer two different methods:

Method 1: Traditional Fur Clipping

At Radiant Heart After-Care for Pets we take great care when clipping your pet’s fur. We use professional grooming tools, and do our best to take samples that incorporate all of the colors of your pet. We then place the clippings, as neatly as possible, in a paper mache heart box. Please feel free to make special requests. For example, in addition to the long fur that grows on your pet’s neck, you may also want a clipping from their tail.

The traditional fur clipping is a standard part of the full After-Care Package.

Method 2: Fur Capture – A Clipping That Captures Pattern & Feel

Using a proprietary method, we can preserve a section of your pet’s fur exactly as it looks and feels.  For example, if there is a special section of your pet’s fur that you really love, we can preserve it for you.  Using clear silicon, your pet’s fur is gently adhered to heavy card stock. Price includes a 5″ X 4″ area (approximate). 

This option works best on relatively flat areas of a pet’s body such as the back and sides.  Areas that cross joints (like an arm pit, throat or shoulder blade) can be difficult to properly capture.

Fur Capture must be ordered as an additional service.