Become a Referring Veterinary Service

Thank you for your interest in Radiant Heart After-Care for Pets. We would love to become a value-added partner for your practice and provide optimal pet after-care for your clients.

The death of a pet is one of the most critical times in a pet parent’s life. It’s also a critical time for a veterinary clinic to strengthen its relationship with a client.

You work hard to provide the best care possible when a pet is alive. When you work with Radiant Heart, you’re ensuring the continuation of that high level of care.

What is a “referring veterinary service?”

A referring veterinary service is a veterinary service provider (VSP) such as a licensed veterinary clinic, veterinary house-call service or animal shelter that recommends Radiant Heart exclusively or as an option to all clients seeking pet cremation service.

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Exceptional after-care service for your clients, increasing client retention (see Testimonials)
  • Administrative services related to all aspects of the service
  • Financial services, including payment processing and assumption of credit card and other processing fees
  • A referral fee for each pet cremated (wholesale option also available)
  • All needed supplies, including but not limited to price sheets, Authorization Forms, cadaver bags, steel ID tags and zip-ties
  • Daily pick up from your facility
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Training for your staff
  • Complimentary or discounted cremation for the personal pets of your W-2 employees. (If you recommend our services exclusively, then after-care for your employees’ pets is 100% free.)
  • Replacement freezer for VSPs who recommend Radiant Heart exclusively.

Offering Radiant Heart as an Option to Your Clients:

We understand your loyalty to long-term service providers. However, pet parents who want a higher level of after-care service won’t know that it’s available unless you tell them. Increasingly pet parents want this choice. We would be delighted to work with you on a referral fee or wholesale basis if you agree to one of the following ways of letting your clients know that Radiant Heart is available to them:

  • Ask all of your staff to verbally offer Radiant Heart as an option to all clients needing pet after-care.
  • Post a framed display (provided by Radiant Heart) in your clinic that explains our after-care package.
  • Add a note to your clinic’s website that includes at least the following information:

Radiant Heart After-Care for Pets is a pet-only funeral home and on-site cremation service located in Bellingham, WA, providing personal and respectful care for you and your pet. They offer a 3-day guarantee and use steel ID tags to guarantee the return of your pet’s cremated remains. Radiant Heart also offers a variety of pet memorials including urns, art and jewelry.

Contact us today to schedule an in-person presentation.


We’d like to hear about your pet cremation needs, and discuss how Radiant Heart could be a value-added partner for your organization. Please contact Bobbie Ruth Langley at 360-778-9578 or to schedule a 10 to 15 minute informational presentation.