Wood Cremation Ring with Celluloid & Opal


This gorgeous wood ring has a comfortable celluloid lining, and includes a lovely inlay of your pet’s cremated remains mixed with synthetic opal.

Opal & Celluloid Lining Color * 

Please refer to the color chart and extra colors displayed in photos.

Ring Size * 

Please see link to Ring Size Guide below.


This unique ring is perfect for people who do not like to wear metal. Created from solid wood and lined with colorful celluloid, a carved groove is filled with a tiny sample of your pet’s cremated remains mixed with the synthetic opal color of your choice. Celluloid lining matches opal color.

Bandwidth: 8 mm

Requires 1 teaspoon of cremated remains.

Instructions for mailing your pet’s cremated remains to Radiant Heart will be sent to you after order is placed.

A photo of your ring will be e-mailed to you for approval.

Ring Size Guide (PDF)

Ring Size Note: The guide provided is offered for reference only.  If needed, please have your ring measurement taken by a professional jeweler.  The ring can not be resized after it is made.

Multiple Pets Note: A single ring can memorialize multiple pets and include multiple colors. Please call 360-778-9578 if you are interested in this option. $25 for each additional pet.