“The Bocote” – Bocote & Opal Cremation Ring


This lovely ring made of bocote wood and infused with a tiny sample of your pet’s cremated remains in synthetic opal, is a stylish way to keep the memory of your pet close at hand.

Opal Color * 

Please refer to the color chart and extra colors displayed in photos.

Ring Size * 

Please see link to Ring Size Guide below.


Text to be inscribed on the inside of your ring. 13 characters max.


This ring is a real beauty!  The wood is cut from a solid plank of exotic Bocote wood.  The wood is the turned on a lathe to the correct inner dimensions to accommodate the titanium core.  Again, the ring is hand turned on the lathe, to trim the outside diameter to accommodate a comfortable fit.  A channel is cut down the center, cremation ashes and synthetic opal are inserted and covered with nine coats of sealer, sanded between each coat.  A final diamond compound polish is peformed for final treatment.

Complimentary engraving on inside of titanium band.

Bandwidth: 8 mm

Requires 1 teaspoon of cremated remains.

Instructions for mailing your pet’s cremated remains to Radiant Heart will be sent to you after order is placed.

A photo of your ring will be e-mailed to you for approval.

Ring Size Guide (PDF)

Ring Size Note: The guide provided is offered for reference only.  If needed, please have your ring measurement taken by a professional jeweler.  The ring can not be resized after it is made.

Multiple Pets Note: A single ring can memorialize multiple pets and include multiple colors. Please call 360-778-9578 if you are interested in this option. $25 for each additional pet.