Soda Ash Urn – 47 c.i.


This unique urn with an organic look was created by local artist Zoe Petersen of Twig Earthgoods in Glacier, WA.

The exterior design is entirely unique, created by firing the wheel-thrown urn in a special soda kiln. When the kiln reached its peak temperature of 2100 Fahrenheit, soda ash was added to the process which vitrified in the kiln bonding with the silica in the clay and creating a natural glass “glaze” in gray and russet orange.

Internal Volume: 47 cubic inches. Appropriate for pets up to 47 lbs (flame cremation) or 38 lbs (water cremation) or as a keepsake urn for a larger pet.

Measures 5 1/4″ wide at widest point and 6 3/4″ tall at handle.