Small Beige and Blue Crystalline Glaze Pet Urn


This urn was created by a ceramics artist in Poland with love, utmost care and attention.  It was made on a potter’s wheel from a high quality clay. The urn is brown-beige with blue fragments.  Each artist creation is unique and no 2 are identical.  The inside color black.  The lid on the underside is unglazed.

Urn is covered in a crystalline glaze that was created by the artist. This kind of glaze make interesting patterns during the firing. This process is very long and different from typical ceramic firings and the effects are well worth it. The pattern ( crystals) are durable and will not fade.  The urn is also freezeproof and durable. Each piece is unique and can’t be recreated.

Capacity 21 c.i.

Appropriate for pet cremated by fire up to 21lb or or 17lb pet’s aquamation cremains.

Height: 4 17/32”
Width : 3 15/16″

Signed by the artist

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