Silver Raku Urn With Amethyst Crystal Handle


This Silver Raku Urn is an exquisite piece of one-of-a-kind art that will beautifully function as your pet’s final resting place.

This hand-built pottery is formed by the ancient art of coil building and slab work. The artist uses two different glaze techniques; oxidation firing, and raku firing, allowing for a wide color pallet and different textures. Each piece is a unique result of the hand building and firing process.

This urn is topped by amethyst handle.

Signed by the artist.

Made in the USA.

Measures 3.75″ tall/5.25″ with handle x 5″ wide.

Holds 3 cups of cremains.

Appropriate for pet cremated by fire up to 43lb or 36lb pet’s aquamation cremains.

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