Eco-Friendly Water Cremation


Prepaying for your pet’s after-care is a smart thing to do. It provides you with the relief of knowing that there will be one less expense at the time of your pet’s passing, and it provides the benefit of paying today’s prices for future service.

This prepay option is for a PARTITIONED ECO-FRIENDLY WATER CREMATION (AQUAMATION). Your pet will be placed in their own completely contained section of the crematorium. A steel ID tag will stay with your pet throughout the process and will then be returned to you with their cremated remains.

This prepay option is for one of our standard cremation packages: 1) urn-only or 2) full after-care package. You will still be able to order additional services and products.

If you do not live close to Bellingham, you can send your pet to Radiant Heart via UPS, USPS or FedEx. Please see Shipping a Pet to Radiant Heart for detailed instructions.


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