Moon Cremation Pendant



Glass Moon Cremation Pendants are custom made with a small amount of your loved one’s cremation remains infused into glass. The surface of the pendant is artfully dimpled to create a moon-like effect.

Pendant is approximately 1 1/8″ across and 9/16″ deep.

Chain sold separately.

One pendant requires 1-2 teaspoons of finely ground cremated remains.

Details for sending a small sample of your pet’s cremated remains to Radiant Heart will be emailed to you once we receive your on-line order.

Note if using Aquamation Cremains:  Although aquamation cremains are pure white in color, the process used in creating an ash-infused memorial pendant burns the aquamation remains which causes them to turn gray and produces a slight burnt smell to any unused cremains that are returned.  This is due to the molten glass being rolled through the cremains picking up ashes that are pressed into the glass.

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