Light Mahogany Wood With Fish Leather Belt Paw Print Urn


This gorgeous handmade Mahogany wood urn has a unique belt of fish leather made from Nile Perch – an invasive species from the Nile River in Africa.  The gorgeous gold-tinged fish leather was tanned in Iceland,and is stronger than cow leather. Makes both a wonderful resting place for your beloved pet as well as an interesting conversation piece. Etched paw print on top.

Signed by the artist.

Made in USA.

Every piece is conceived and completed by the artist in their home shop in northern Minnesota, hand-crafted and turned on a lathe. Some are made of a single piece of wood, while others are constructed using hundreds of pieces to make a single urn. No two are the same. A hard non-toxic finish is used to bring out the natural beauty of each one.

Measurements:  5.5 inches wide x 4 inches tall.

44 c.i.

Appropriate for a 44 lb pet cremated by fire or 36 lb pet cremated by aquamation

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