Eco-Friendly Rainbow Pond Urn


Attractive and eco-friendly, the Rainbow Pond Scattering Urn is a lovely way to keep your pet’s cremated remains.

This is a multi-tasking urn.
* It features a push-button opening which allows you to discretely and easily scatter your pet’s remains.
* Fully bio-degradable, it may also be buried just as it is.
* Solidly built and decorated with the Rainbow Pond photo, it could last a lifetime on display as long as it is protected from the elements.

This urn is one of several standard urn options available to Radiant Heart clients who wish to keep their pet’s cremated remains. It may also be purchased separately.

Available in four sizes.


Memorial Photo Sticker (+$19.00)

Add a personal touch to your pet’s urn. Upload a photo and let us know what text you would like to go with it.

(max file size 50 MB)

Additional information

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